Sunday, April 30, 2006

Know Your God

When I mention I am an atheist, some respond saying I have never experienced any extreme difficulties or trying situations in my life. That I'll know god when I go through some inextricable situation. While I have had my fair share of difficulties and challenging times, I always recall asking some close friend or family member for help.

I believe that is the case with everyone. Our close friends and family members are whom we turn to for help and guidance in trying circumstances. They are always a phone call, an email or a letter away. We give too little or no credit to them but instead thank some non-existent god for seeing us through our difficulties. We should acknowledge and have more faith in the people around us.

When you turn to "god" for help usually what happens is some version of the following. Because no one has really seen, heard or knows anything about this so called god, they go to the oppurtunists who claim to be the conduits to god. These are usually the local priests or some clever "god-men/women", who know how to play on our ignorance. They will prescribe a twelve year penance, six years of which you have to stand on the left leg and the other six on the right leg. While you are going through all these 'tests of faith', as they would like to call it, a sexy nude woman is sent your way and ofcourse being what we are, we fall for her. The moment we do so, we fail the test and so god can no more come forth to help us with our problems!

So next time life seems rough call a human being, not god!

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