Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Afghan Incident Update

We now know that the Indian engineer who was kidnapped in Afghanistan has been killed. All the proper quarters have issued their respective condemnations and the state of Andhra Pradesh has awarded ex-gratia payment to the bereaved family and also promised a job to a member of the family.

However, there are some who have an interesting point of view about this whole issue. It was pointed out the the engineer in question was employed with a private organization and he went to work at the place fully aware of the risks and dangers involved. Therefore, it is really unnecessary for the goverment to provide monetary and other forms of compensation. If he was deputed there by the goverment of India, the compensations, which come from tax-payers' money can be justified. It was also pointed out that there have been many who have been killed by naxalites when they were deputed in such regions and their cases do no cause the hue and cry that was stirred by the Afghan incident.

That point of view, although harsh, seems to me to have some merit. I wonder what others think about this?

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