Saturday, April 29, 2006


In almost all Hindu marriages in India, the parents of the prospective bride and groom exchange horoscopes. These horoscopes, which I believe should be called horrorscopes, are based on astrology which is the purest kind of bullshit ever conjured up by the human mind. Ofcourse since the boy, girl and their parents cannot make much sense of this trash they leave it to the brahmin priest to interpret it and decide if the prospective couple are compatible.

How the positions of planets and stars can have any bearing on the success of a marriage is beyond my understanding. That educated boys and girls put up with this rather than question it and abandon such useless practices is disturbing. If something needs to be checked about your prospective spouse, checking health and fitness makes so much more sense because of the huge affect they have on the quality of life you live.

All that is done by default if you go about finding your own spouse rather than have this so called arranged married.

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