Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter in Moscow

This beautiful town of Moscow, Idaho is really growing upon me. It presents to you nature's four seasons in a breathtaking way. Each with its own beauty, feel and ambience.

It 's been winter here for about the last two months, during which it snowed about three times and was bitterly cold for two weeks. Apart from those two weeks of deep freeze, winter has really been great, so much that I have actually begun to like winters! I like the way nature presents it full range of colours during fall, and then during winter almost turns black & white! Nature seems intent on showing us that beauty can be created with limited colors too! Even the evergreen trees with green leaves turn white on snowy days, when their leaves become frosted.

I still have to try my hand at winter sports. The mountains around the town seem to constantly beckon!

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meruna said...

dp - What is your real name ? I have a hunch you could be someone I once knew ?