Friday, January 27, 2006

The Girl Factor!

I frequent the local night club here, which is very close to my house. There is great music, there are beautiful people and much revelry. I also keenly observe people all around me and I find it very interesting to watch how girls and boys hook up with each other. I still haven't figured that out but it still remains a very interesting subject!

There are some people who after I see them for the first time give me the impression that they are the kind of guys no one would want to have anything to do with. So imagine my frustration when they are the ones who seem to have all the attention of the girls! I have never understood why so many girls seem to dance with and like precisely those guys I think wouldn't stand a chance. So I have temoporarily given up trying to understand this and I am now only a silent observer.

There was one particular guy who was African and who seemed to have a lot of female company if not attention around him. I was shocked to find out recently that he was arrested. The shock factor was because of the crime for which he was arrested...he was a HIV positive guy and was accused of having unprotected sex with atleast seven girls/women! Atleast Seven!! I guess I never will understand why so many girls actually had sex with that guy!

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