Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"The Desi-Attitude"

One of my friend, Murthy, has some reflections on the "desi-attitude"...

Firstly I should thank DP for telling me about an Eye-opener called India Unbound.
I guess am Completely Over the book now and am trying to savor each and every Line of the Book.
Recently I joined a New Project in Minneapolis with United Health Care. The Place Seemed to be good and I liked my office much better than what it used to be in my previous Project.
Making a Root Cause of Analysis of this feeling Lead me to an Interesting Observation.

So why did I like my new Office Place?
Near by to my Apartment & Lot easier to Commute. Apart from that it’s because, the moment I stepped in I started looking around for any Indians and since I Could not Find any I was kind of happy that there weren’t any. Later saw two to three guys in Cafeteria. Still was Happy but later on when I started seeing Desi’s in my Project Work I was not that Happy. Perhaps I got the same questions from Some of my friends.

( Friend: So are there any Desi’s in your Project
Me: no not that I am aware of
Friend: Good for you. You should be having Fun)

Incidents like these with me and People around, Led to question myself?
Why am I so Concerned and uneasy with any Other Indian at work
Why am not Comfortable with presence of Desi at work.
Again at the same time we want Our Friends to help us in performing our Duties at work.
I tried to find answers for this and have it like this
I am uneasy because I don’t like he / she being very Inquisitive about my details.
I am concerned because the person might actually be a potential threat to my
I am uneasy because I don’t like his Odd Out behavior in the Office.( Equally applies to me )

And this is the same case with some of my Friends too.

Me and Some of My Friend’s: We tend to Safeguard ourselves and be very apprehensive about the Other Colleague at work. At The same Time we like to have him / her around for any kind of need.
So why is there no such openness among us?
Why don’t we feel really happy about another Desi’s Presence?

Another blogger also has some observations and opinions about this same phenomenon.

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