Sunday, May 22, 2005

12th Class NCERT Text Books

I have been reading the 12th class NCERT history text book "Modern India"and I must say it was quite a revelation! First of all, the sentence structure is so bad that you really need to have so much patience to put up with it. Then, the flow of ideas, facts and arguments is constantly interrupted by some irrational conclusions. Its as if the author was day-dreaming about something and decided it would be a good idea to put it in there! There were so many occasions I got so frustrated with the book that I wanted to fling it against a wall!

I really wonder what the editorial team was doing. How could they let such a bad quality book be published? Or were they just very confident that since history isn't really a very popular subject at the 12th class level, there would be very little or no complaints? That text book is clearly a disservice to the study of Indian history.

And if you think that History book was bad, wait till you read the text book on Indian Economy!! You can download NCERT text books here

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