Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moscow Update

Reminding you once again: This is not Moscow, Russia; this is Moscow, Idaho USA zip code 83843!

The daytime temperature just refuses to cross the 20 C mark! Just when it struggles past twenty degrees centigrade, and when you think finally some warm weather is coming your way, there is a rain shower or those cold winds blowing down from the north. It's almost like as if there is continual tug-of-war between the daytime temperature and the forces that oppose it-the rain and the cold winds.

Being a rather small town with nothing dramatic happening, it is always the weather that is really worth discussing about! So, to go onto something else, an interesting observation I have made is the number of churches here. I would guess that there are roughly thirty churches in this small town. Seems like a lot of them to me for a town of around 23,000 people although I am not sure what their average density is like. There are catholic churches, protestant churches and Mormon churches. I surely cannot imagine a town of similar population in India having thirty or more temples!

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