Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blog Update

Bloglines is a great tool for subscribing to blogs and other news feeds, all of which you can read at a single place. You will find a link to the Bloglines tool on the right side...I recommend you try it.

I have added two new links in the links section. One of them is India Uncut. Its a very interesting blog published by Amit Varma. I must say he is quite a prodigious blogger! He has on an average ten new posts a day on very diverse subjects. I wonder if he spends his whole day reading newspapers, blogs and other news items on the Internet. It surely looks like it!

The second is another blog, The Acorn. It has interesting opinion and analysis of the daily news with respect to India.

I have also made a slight change to the setting of this page. Only the last ten posts will be displayed on this page now. You can find all the earlier posts in the archives section.

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