Monday, June 05, 2006

Couriers Wont Accept Electronic Items

The courier agencies, atleast in Hyderabad, seem to be acting strangely. I wanted to send a cordless telephone piece to someone in Mumbai and three couriers I visited, DTDC, Blue Dart and Professional, all told me they dont carry electronic items anymore. So now how can you ship electronic items within the country? Is it possible for anyone to buy electronic items on the net if there is no way to ship them.

I am not sure why they wont carry electronic items, they did not give any good reason except saying that their policy has changed. I guess it may be because of the percieved danger of terrorists exploiting this service for implanting explosives. If that is the case, how are UPS and FedEx in the US able to carry electronic items?

There might be a business opportunity here. I am sure the demand for shipping electronic items will only increase in the near future.


UK said...

i think its more cos of the lack of insurance for the items..they dont want to take responsibility for loss or damage of they charge insurance, thats y even if the item gets lost, they can pay off the customer..thats not the case in india and its easy for an item to get damaged..but ur right, theres a business opportunity there, i'll keep it in mind! i also think packaging can be improved a lot in many ideas we can take back from here, so little money!

lola davis said...

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