Friday, May 12, 2006

Getting High on Democracy

One thing we all Indians can be very proud of is our vibrant and flourishing democracy. I believe democracy is getting stronger and much more well entrenched than it ever has been. Look at the the voter turnout in all five states where elections were held these past few weeks; the turnout was 70% or higher! The election commision is doing such a fantastic job that it can surely be called the world best election commission! No one dares come and tell us now how to conduct an election.

Earlier one of my major concerns was how timid our journalists were...they seemed not to have lost their colonial attitudes. Now, even that seems to be a thing of the past. It is such a pleasure to watch the reporters and anchors on eTV and NDTV ask aggressive questions and hold politicans accountable.

Ofcourse so much more needs to be done, but beginings are being made. The people of so many countries around the world are fighting for liberty, fundamental rights and democracy while all these are getting stronger in India. It is not much of an exxageration to say that now India and Indians are addicted to democracy!

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