Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fatwa on Sania

It is outrageous that those bunch of clerics should be issuing fatwas against the dress Sania Mirza wears on court. Do they expect her to play tennis in sarees and salwar kameeze!? The law in India is derived from our constitution and those clerics should be strongly reminded about that. If they insist on living by their sharia law, they should be asked to go live in Pakistan.

I was very surprised that no government authority has made a statement condemning the issuance of such fatwas, which has become something of a pastime for the clerics. And this once again raises the question of the importance of a unifrom civil law. I cannot understand why such an importance piece of legislation is not even being considered by the goverment at this time.

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Rajesh said...

I totally agree with you.Btw, where are all these people when we see Muslim actresses acting wearing all kind of clothes and where are all these when they see Muslim actors smoking and drinking on the screen.