Tuesday, July 05, 2005

National Security Threat to India

The Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) manifesto has for long claimed that its goal is the islamization of entire India. That goal is very far fecthed and can be safely put in the trash can. But it gives you an idea of the kind of mischief they want to do.

Let me digress here...way back in the 1760's just before the 3rd battle of Panipat between the Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali, Suraj Mal advised the Marathas to adopt the tactics of assymetric warfare (or guerilla warfare) but they did not and I often wonder how different our histrory would have been if his advice was taken! But, I guess, whats happened has happened!

Anyway....Why is Pakistan so interested in Kashmir? Kashmir really has nothing much apart from great scenic beauty and a little strategic importance (for them ) but not of such importance to wage wars. There surely are many political reasons, but I am sure the most important economic reason is that Kashmir is the very life line of the Pakistan military. It is only by keeping the Kashmir issue alive they can justify huge spending on defence by projecting a great threat from India, play a disproportionately large role in Pakistani Society that they do now and obviously make money for themselves. They also know they cannot win a conventional war with us and thus they employ the tactics of assymetric warfare to harm us economically.

And thus the attacks in Kashmir, attack on the Parliament , Akshardam and so on and now Ayodhya. Their choice of places to attack makes their intent very clear. K. Subrahmanyam (the foremost Indian Intellligence analyst) states that in the present day, national security threats should not be perceived in the tradional way. The threat of territorial disintegration or external aggression is quite remote today...the greater threat is communal tensions.

Fomenting cummunal tensions is the clear aim of all these militant outfits. For it is continuous communal tensions which will break down our economy. Just when we are begining to get somewhat economically prosperous and developed, all this surely is very disconcerting.

At some point when the US decides it can no longer operate in iraq, some of the islamic militants , highly trained and experienced, will fan out to India. For India (apart from the US and Israel )is one of their sworn enemies. It surely is extremely difficult to fight suicide bombers and they will be soon lining up to come attack us. There was a suicide bomber today at Ayodhya. That is a very clear threat to our security.

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Kiran Avancha said...

Dear DP,
I still clearly don't see an iminent threat underlying for India from Iraq war. Ofcourse your explaination of terrorists infiltrating into India, which was a very common thing till date don't necessarily reason the threat from the Iraq war.