Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dispatch From Moscow, Idaho

From about the last week of June it has been full and real summer here. Very warm and long days, with warm winds blowing upon your face, clear azure blue skies and beads of sweat dripping when you take a walk outside. It is one of the driest summers I have ever personally experienced; you can literally feel the dryness in the air! There has been negligible or no rainfall uptill now.

Whereas once we had to tightly shut our bedroom windows and turn up the heater knob quite liberally, now we cannot sleep without a fan by the bed side. All this I am thoroughly enjoying, with only a tinge of despair that this will not last for ever!

I got to pick straight from the trees and eat red juicy cherries and fleshy berries. It was quite an experience. But while doing so, came across the humming bird, a bird which I have seen only on those National Geographic or Nature programs on TV. It was amazing to watch those birds hover in mid air!

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