Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Going To The Sun

The road which curves, loops, ascends, climbs, climbs much more and then descends while taking you from the west to the east side of Glacier National Park, is very aptly called the Going-to-the-Sun road. It might be one of the most interesting roads you have ever driven on. A true civil engineering marvel!

The road greets you right at the entrance of Glacier National Park in northern Montana. For the first couple of miles, it runs along a lake straddled on either side by huge, snow capped mountains.Mountains with slopes crowded with trees and numerous streams formed from the melting snow, each competing for your attention. Just in these short initial couple of miles, the road tempts you to stop at every turn and take in the sights. But this is just the appetizer!

Without much warning the road then begins to ascend and climbs higher and higher with each turn. It makes you wonder if it is going to take you all the way up to the sun! The road climbs through rock, mountain forests and cuts through thick ice and takes you to the very peaks. The peaks where you can actually see the ice melting and forming the trickle that was the big stream below. Now the main course begins!

And here I will leave it for you go there and feast yourself, lest I be accused of serving you delicious food and eating it myself!


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