Thursday, April 07, 2005


No, that isn't the capital city of Russia. This is zip code 83843 in the state of Idaho,USA. 46.73 degrees North latitude and 117 degrees West Longitude, elevation 1800 ft. That is my current location.

It just occured to me that I haven't mentioned the very place I am currently located anywhere! This is small town America; population only about 21000 and once you go just a little outside the town, all you see is agriculture fields and rollings people!

Just when you think spring has finally arrived , there is an occasional snowfall. So, apart from the weather, which to me is still cold, everything else looks like spring has arrived. There are leaves sprouting up on the naked trees, colorful flowers blooming everywhere, play grounds filled with children and the air, which was once dominated by the calls of the ravens, filled with the songs of a variety of birds. But again, the weather is chilly and that means all the beautiful girls are going to be covered from head to toe.

I will continue posting something occasionaly about Moscow, Idaho.

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