Thursday, March 17, 2005

Indian Bonhomie!

For all the time I have spent in the US, mostly in the eastern side (Florida), my experiences with fellow Indians who were strangers wasn't particularly friendly. Infact, there was much agreement among most of my friends that it was a common experience; however, on several occasions I was told that the situation in California was vastly different.

Driving through downtown San Francisco we asked an Indian family who were driving alongside for directions while stopped at a traffic signal. For the next two or three signals down the road there was a joking conversion between them and us. Again, while stopped at a traffic signal in Santa Clara, there was an Indian woman talking on a cell phone and in the wrong lane wanting to turn left. She simply rolled down her window on seeing us along side and mentioned to us asking if we could let her go at the signal.

Insignificant as these incidents seem, they had a refreshing difference compared to my previous experiences. There seemed to be a spirit of bonhomie at the instant recognition that we were from the same country! For some strange reason there is such a pleasure in that.

Roadside observations aside, I am getting to eat delicious chapatis and puris with savory curries after such a long time. I really have a gastronomic love affair with chapatis and puris!

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