Wednesday, March 16, 2005

El Camino Real

El Camino Real...that I was told was spanish for The Dirt Road. That is also the name of a major roadway through San Jose, Santa Clara and SunnyVale. But there cannot be a dirt road in silicon valley...and for sure it isn't a dirt road!

To me it is a rather interesting road; its quite a safe bet to say that the concentration of Indian restaurants along that road is probably the highest in the world outside India. I am quite sure even in India it would be difficult to find such a diversity in Indian cuisine, ranging from Punjabi to Madras style, all along one single roadway. Consider restaurants from a variety of countries around the world and that road should be very interesting to any connoisseur of food; although I am not one, the interest still lingers!

Someone made an interesting observation that Indian languages do not have a word for restaurant...very likely because selling food was severly looked down upon. We seem to have come very far from those days!

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