Saturday, September 30, 2006

It Is The Problem!

Musharaff has certainly had a very eventful 18 days of travel to Havana, various places in the US and London. The best time he seems to have had is at the NAM summit in Havana. After that he has either been on the offensive or defensive.

Whatever we have against him, I think we have got to admit that the guy is a genius in his line and a true survivor. He plays India, the US and the radical Islamic parties in Pakistan simultaneouly. He also has the savvy of a marketing executive, which was in full display when he was promoting the book he wrote.

Just one statement from him as soon as he landed in the US, that he was threatened about his country being bombed back to the stone age if he did not co-operate, was enough for the entire media to take notice. The timing of such a statement was perfect. I can only speculate that in his anaysis, he must have determined that with Bush at his lowest popularity ratings ever, he could not only get away with such a statement but also profit from it by portraying himself and his country as the victim!

In one of his interviews, what he said of A.Q. Khan might as well be a very good description of his own country. His country is not a part of the problem, it is the problem.

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