Friday, August 25, 2006

What Will The Astrologers Do?

These are very frustrating and confusing times for the astrologers worldwide. They must be seething with the most venomous anger at a group of people who call themselves astronomers; all their calculations have been thrown into a disarray because of that group.

First they had the audacity to increase the number of planets in the solar system by three, then all of a sudden they decided that Pluto, the ninth planet
uptil now, doesn't deserve to be a planet anymore. That brings down the number of planets to eight. The astronomers seem to be changing the rules of the game as quickly as elementary school kids playing cricket do!

So what will the astrologers do now? After all, if planetary positions have a decisive influence on the activities of individuals, the methods of calculating those influences must all be recast because of the vanishing act of that damned Pluto. Won't all of this affect the horoscopes of men and women? I shudder to think what will happen to all those boys and girls who match themselves up for marriage based on their horoscopes. Will Pluto be a part of their lives or won't it?


UK said...

hahaha i was wondering abt it too but the thought of "marriage astrology btwn boys and girls" didn't cross my mind!

Woodsmoke said...

Very well-written.
This was funny, and now that you have pointed this out, I do want to find out what astrologers are doing vis-a-vis Pluto.
Is it still going to be able to affect the lives of mortals living light years away as per true blue astrology or is it going to slink away to a corner and hide its shame from its siblings in the solar system?