Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Miracles Of Our Times!

This so called god seems to be a little bored these days. He is amusing himself turning sea water "sweet" in one place and making his (or rather her) idol 'drink' milk at another!

Some fishermen in Mahim, Mumbai observed that the normally salty sea water there appeared to have lost it saltiness. Before you know it there are now thousands thronging the beach and some even taking away this now 'holy' water in bottles! Ofcourse, it is not much long before the claim is made and believed that it was all "Allah's Karishma"!! I wonder why some don't simply stop and think of what's happening? Could it be that the water from the river Mithi was flowing into the sea near Mahim Bay; with recent heavy rains the water flowing into the sea from this river might have been excessive and caused dilution of some of the saltiness near the bay.

Then there is the lady in Bareilly who deludes herself into thinking the Durga idol she worships is actually drinking milk! Perhaps the milkmen in heaven are on strike? Or worse, I am beginning to suspect there are no cows in heaven, given the regularity with which these 'idol drinking milk' incidents happen.

Now if you think all this happens only in India...You should know that workers at a certain candy factory in California believe a real miracle occurred when a glob of chocolate molded itself into a miniature statue of the Virgin Mary! Among the throngs that gathered, some became emotional, some began their spiritual journeys at that moment, some bought in candles and flowers and some more just could not believe that they should be so blessed! The wonders chocolate can do!


UK said...

My cousin was telling me about this sweet water reminds me of the Ganapathi milk drinking story some years ago..very funny

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we r missing those blessed moments dp. I hope even Bay of Bengal becomes sweet, then all the people on the east coast will also be blessed.

Regarding the idols drinking milk, after all even the idols will be thirsty after a while, lucky they got lot of people (who r not like u) to quench their thirst.

Lastly I wish holy jesus is created from some physical mass and bless all with his divine luv.

DP said...

Hey! Don't hope for too much...atleast much more than what we are used to in reality!