Saturday, July 22, 2006

Floundering Indian Intelligence Agencies

Some time back we heard about a certain Rabindra Singh of the Research and Analaysis Wing (RAW) who was (almost) caught spying for the US and managed to defect with sensitive information. Then there was the report of the arrest of an individual in the National Security Council who was copying sensitive information into a USB memory device. A couple of days back a RAW director was arrested for providing intelligence information to an American woman. We also heard about the Navy War room leak which is currently being investigated by the CBI.

Even a lay individual can guess that the recent train blasts in Mumbai required co-ordination, planning and certainly team work to pull off. Surely one would then expect the intelligence agencies to have atleast some kind of information about it. But we know, with absolute clarity, from what the home minister said..."We knew something like this would happen, but we did not know when and where"...that they had no idea of the whole operation. To make matters worse, the perpetrators of the attack are still at large after two weeks.

Yesterday, the press reported the arrest of a certain Abdul Karim 'Tunda', in Mombassa Kenya, who is accused of being the head of the pan-India operations of the L-e-T and possibly the mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks. The Hindu even had a front page article yesterday profiling this individual and speculating on the outcome of his arrest. The arrest was described as an achievement of Indian counter-terrorism. However, today, there is a complete turn around. It is now reported that the man arrested in Mombassa is infact a Nigerian!

All of this begs a singular question...What are the various Indian Intelligence agencies doing? Does any one have any idea whats' going on?

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