Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Idea Of A Nation

I came across this statement: "Elite institutions in India are providing cheap labor for American corporations." That strikes me as very true. Some may argue that India doesn't provide the conditions and opportunities for very skilled and talented individuals to remain there and therefore they seek greener pastures elsewhere. But, India being a democratic country, is it not our reponsibility to improve our own country's living conditions and opportunities for self-growth. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

On the other hand, is it wrong or irresponsible to seek better opportunities and a better life elsewhere when we have the freedom to do that? Isn't it natural for an individual to want to improve his lot?

This makes me think about the very idea of a nation and patriotism. Is the concept/idea of belonging to a country relevant and will it still be relevant in the future? Will we become mature enough one day to discard the idea of nationhood? Will that be good or bad?Right now, how important is it to be responsible for our country?


UK said...

welcome bck to us man...i disagree with u, the talent is not necessarily being wasted...far from it..every single person that comes here sends money back to india to his family..and some of them invest in fact, that investment is more than india's world bank debt! i dont see how that can be bettered by staying back there and is everything, at least to countries like ours...

Murthy said...

I think MR. Namballa is not getting your point or i don't understand it correctly.
The concern was:

I belong to country x.
Is is not my Responsibility to think for it's Properity when it has given me so much freedom t odo whatever i want.
Don't i have the right to go any where i want for a better life as it is my life and since my nation is democratic i have every righ to do so to seek a better life for myself.

UK said...

i think mr.murthy is a legend...what im trying to say is that, by sending money back home, we are in fact making it prosperous..i dont think there is any other better way to make it in fact, we are doing both...that is leading a better life here (not me, but in general) and making the country more prosperous (definately me!)..