Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I think I am already used to the heat...I feel it is not much more hot than it was some years ago. Anyway, I like summers very it is great for me. There are so many things you can relish only in the Indian summers...mangoes, refreshing cool drinks, cold water baths and the simple shade of a tree when out on the streets or country side.

It 's actually great to see the depth of cell phone penetration and also the range of services available on the cell checking your bank balance, something which I could not do in the US.

Another thing that is interesting is Indian elections...such a joy to see all the analyses on the TV networks about the five states where elections are being held and counting began this morning about two hours ago. NDTV and ETV are projecting a DMK victory in Tamil Nadu...but there is going to be a sizeable opposition this time. The final results will be known by this afternoon.

I apologize for so many topics in one post...guess I am getting carried away by all the excitement of simply being back at home.

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