Sunday, April 16, 2006

Arranged Marriages Are Bad For India

Many young boys and girls take their marriages for granted. Ofcourse, why can't they? After all Mom and Dad are going to look up some one for you and they know all about you and what's good for you and everything else! It is this 'taking it for granted' attitude that is sapping the creativity of boys and girls in India and making life dull and even dangerous.

If every boy and girl knew that no one is going to "arrange" a bride or groom for them, I am sure they will make serious efforts at wooing someone they are attracted to. As everyone knows, wooing the love of your life isn't a very simple thing. It involves much creativity. You need to find out about the other person, come up with great pick up lines, be bold enough to ask him/her out ...and I am sure this needs no more elaboration. How much more imaginative and interesting we would all be.

I am convinced that finding your own life partner would be a panacea for many social ills that afflict India today. It will strike a death blow to this degrading concept of dowry for how can you demand dowry from someone who is supposedly the love of your life. It may even reduce the importance that is currently attached to caste. The likelihood of someone you are truly attracted to being the same caste as you are is not very high.

Almost every movie released in India is a romantic one, though curiously, they don't seem to be having much of an affect on the psyche of our youth.

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