Saturday, January 15, 2005

Titan Of An Achievemnt

It has been a little over a month since I have posted anything here. Not because there was nothing to write about, infact there are too many, but because of a lot of changes. Change in geographic location, change of vocation, change of weather being some of them! Although there is a lot to say, the most exciting thing right now is the successful landing of the Huygens space-craft on Saturn's moon, Titan.

The sheer challenge involved in achieveing something like that is mindboggling. I do not myself have a full understanding of the problems that have to be overcome to accomplish the feat,but I guess they must be huge. When it was launched in 1997, when I was just starting out in my undergrad years, I wondered if the spacecraft would ever reach saturn, and if it did, will it enter into saturns orbit after successfully crossing the rings.

You can get more information about this even here...

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