Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Domestic Violence Act

Indian women have been empowered with a new act-The Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act. The law has a broad definition of domestic violence and includes not only married women, but also mothers facing abuse from children, widows from relatives, sisters from brothers and even women in live in relationships. It essentially tries to ensure that women are free from domestic violence of all forms.

I believe that is an important piece of legislation. Used together with anti-dowry laws and the recent reforms to the Hindu inheritance act, this new law, atleast legally protects and empowers Indian women in a very broad based way. However, as with any other legislation and policy, implementation is the key. The act is rich in detail about how it will be implemented and how victims of domestic violence can seek assistance, but until there is awareness in every strata of society, it may be of little use.

Womens' organizations in India and NGO's working in the area of women's rights and empowerment are doing a great job of putting some pressure on the government in getting such laws enacted; I hope they are doing an equally good job spreading awareness about these laws, especially to rural women.

I wonder if laws trying to ensure social justice and equality can be gender free. I mean, while it is all very nice to have laws protecting the women, what about the men? Surely, we don't have to look very far to find men at the receiving end of their wives' tantrums!

More info about this is available in this interview at Rediff


Sumanth said...

This Fascist one-sided law will harass Innocent men, their mothers and sister while the real cuprits make merry.

Swarup said...

Four Indian Women Behind the bar due to Ms. Renuka Choudhary’s “Diwali Gift ( DV Act).
Few days Back one of SIF member told me Swarup , “ Till date Indina Women had been protected by their Near and Dear ones. Now after this AK47 ( Domestic Violence Act ) , they will be protected by so called Protection Officer , Lawyers, Police , Judges..etc”
But She also asked me, “ Who will Protect Indian Women from those so called Protection Officers, Lawyers, Police , Judges ..etc”
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Vinayak said...

All men are criminals by nature ...

all women are by their natural constitution incapable of any wrongdoing whatsoever, unless considered as mothers, sisters, sister in laws, etc. of men

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